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Welcome to Protocol X

The Real Passive
Income Protocol

Protocol X is a large-scale ecosystem that seeks to serve as the future of decentralized finance. Having one basic formula or business model in a protocol allows significant failure points, often relying on one avenue for growth and development.

Protocol X brings a new element to DeFi by implementing an ever developing, expanding, and growing ecosystem that all feeds back into the protocol.

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How it Works

Protocol X utilizes strategic and planned variables to facilitate a protocol that constantly and positively feeds back into the ecosystem. Protocol X serves every level of DeFi investor accordingly.

Whether you simply want to buy the PTX native token, hold a revenue share NFT, or invest in our ever-appreciating stable token (PUSD). Each development is designed to further benefit the entire protocol and create an environment that promotes long-term growth and development.

Protocol Features



PTX is a deflationary & dual reward token. Once staked in The Vault holders will receive automated returns in the native PTX token & PUSD (our apppreciating stable token). Not only does this incentivize holding, it also generates appreciation for other parts of the ecosystem. Using tokenomics we will remove tokens from supply using a "true burn" method. The PTX token will be exchanged for xKeys in future to upgrade xShare NFTs.

xShare NFTs

xShare NFTs

The first genuine passive income NFTs that do not rely on new investors to continue to give a yield. Owning an xShare NFT is your direct share of the company revenue stream. The xShare pool will be distributed to NFT holders bi-weekly, simply requiring you to claim your accumulated rewards in our dapp. Will be upgradeable in the future using xKeys.



PUSD is an appreciating stable token that is 100% backed by BUSD. 2% buy / 2% sale / 2% transfer tax. 100% of the taxes are utilized to burn the token and bolster the algorithmic price appreciation mechanics. PUSD can be earned by staking PTX tokens in the vault, holding xShare NFTs, or even purchased directly in our dapp.



xKeys will be earned by burning PTX tokens. As the ecosystem matures xKeys will be used to upgrade xShare NFTs to the next revenue tier. They will also have other interesting uses in the future.



PTX is a deflationary token with a max circulating supply of 100m tokens. Using low buy and sell fees to distribute rewards to holders based on trading volume. Tokens are removed from the circulating supply on every buy and sell.

In future there will be further incentives for holders to burn tokens and upgrade their xShare NFTs. Our tokenomics will further appreciate our rewards token PUSD, which increases in value on every buy, transfer or sale.


2% PTX Reflect


4% PUSD Reward


xShare NFTs

xShare NFTs offer an exclusive bi-weekly revenue share from our external trading endeavours. Rewards are sent in PUSD which can be claimed in our dapp.

50% of revenue is distributed to NFT holders
30% is compounded back into trading
10% is used to support the PTX token
10% is used to fund the treasury

Wanderer Passage

Wanderer Passage

623 available in total

Equal split of 5% of Share tax

These cannot be upgraded to higher tiers.

Common Passage

Common Passage

5000 available in total

Cost: 1 BNB per NFT

Base level of passive income with this kind of NFT. Base proportional XShare revenue pool rate. Once you upgrade this NFT to uncommon, your current NFT will be burned.

Uncommon Passage

Uncommon Passage

1500 available in total

Obtained by upgrading a Common with xKeys. Upgraded proportional xShare revenue pool rate. Tier 2 level of passive income with this kind of NFT. Your NFT will be burned once upgraded.

Rare Passage

Rare Passage

400 available in total

Obtained by upgrading an Uncommon NFT with xKeys. Upgraded proportional xShare revenue pool rate. Tier 3 passive income NFT.

Legendary Passage

Legendary Passage

100 available in total

These are the Exclusive NFTs. Only provided for defined events. Highest proportional revenue from xShare revenue pool as possible. Bonus percentage from trading, bonus AirDrops over time. Governance tokens for voting rights (equal voice as any team member).


The Vault

Enhance your PTX tokens by staking them in The Vault.
Rewards to The Vault will not be paid via token mints or inflating supply, but with a clever use of tokenomics.

2% of every buy will reflect PTX
4% of every sale will reward PUSD

Manually depositing additional tokens to the vault will start a 7 day lock period. If holders withdraw tokens within that period they will forfeit 10% of the tokens withdrawn, which will then be distributed to other holders in the vault.


The Treasury

The Protocol X Treasury will be invested in various DeFi protocols with varying levels of risk in addition to being reinvested back directly into the Protocol X parent company in order to maintain everlasting growth of the entirety of the protocol.


starPhase 1

Stop the inflation.

Improve contract tokenomics to provide sustainable rewards.

Begin deflationary (burn) mechanics.

Grow investment funds as much as possible (Target of Feb - March for full ability to fund all mechanics).

XShare runs as previously defined: 50% of profits to rewards / 30% compounded / 10% to token support / 10% to treasury.

starPhase 2

Additional PUSD airdrop rewards for PTX holders.

Have the dApp show how many rewards given out to holders in $

Significant LP injection, strategically timed and perhaps in phases.

Major marketing push (strategically timed, particularly if the bear market is still taking swings).

starPhase 3

Expanding the Protocol X Ecosystem.

Introducing gamification systems to X-Shares.

Integration of NFT Marketplace with Protocol X.

Hosting pre-sales/launches with DEX.

Development of additional farm/staking pairs on Protocol X dApp.

Exploration of Decentralised Streaming Services.


Our Team

Neal (Shiblord)
Founder and CEO

Neal (Shiblord)

Neal is originally from Pennsylvania, but now lives in Texas. Neal joined the US Marine Corps after high school, serving roles as an infantry squad leader and a humanitarian specia ...
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Brandon (Bran)
Community Manager

Brandon (Bran)

I'm a full time crypto enthusiast and have specialised in Community management, moderation and overall project advising for over a year, I first developed my interest in crypto ear ...
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Jack (Crypto Kruelty)
Business & Admin

Jack (Crypto Kruelty)

Hey there. My name is Jack. I am 34 years old. I'm a single father. I got into DeFi in early 2021, and have invested in many projects since. Some good, and some bad. This has given ...
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Steven (Wox)
Graphic Design and Social Media

Steven (Wox)

Dad working from home, Graphic Designer, Marketing Strategist, Musician, Computer Builder, Moderator and Crypto Addict. Always been a fan of technology. I developed interest in cry ...
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Jared (Sallyczar91)

Jared (Sallyczar91)

I'm an Army veteran and current police officer. I have some background in programming. When I was in high school I programmed a couple of games, nothing crazy or intricate. I wante ...
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Adam (Adam P)
Lead moderator

Adam (Adam P)

I purchased my first cryptocurrency in 2016 and eventually found the DeFi space. Since then I have personally invested in many projects and have often been an early investor follow ...
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Tim (0xClown)
Project Manager

Tim (0xClown)

Tim has over 20 years experience working in corporate IT at various levels. He has overseen many projects in that time and worked closely with developers and engineers. He has a ke ...
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Jonas (Laeborg)

Jonas (Laeborg)

Laeborg has a solid technical background with a degree in Computer Science and has worked as a full stack developer for the past 8 years on various projects. He joined the team at ...
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Frequently Asked

Why did you move from an inflationary model to deflationary?
We made the switch to a deflationary token to further support our ethos of "real rewards". Rebase protocols will generate extra tokens but normally there is no additional value attached to those tokens unless there is positive buying pressure. In order to be more sustainable and fit with our core values we decided to make the transition. We feel as a team this is in the best long term interest of the protocol, our strategies and our holders.
What is the difference between the PTX token and PUSD?
The PTX token is volatile by nature, based on trading. You can expect higher swings in price as opposed to the PUSD token. PUSD was designed to only appreciate in price by small increments but is 100% backed by BUSD. Its our version of a stable token, but with added benefits.
How will you burn tokens?
Protocol X will implement token burns by various mechanisms. A defined portion of all buy and sales fees directly burn PTX tokens. Additionally, the exchange to xKeys and strategic buyback and burns from outside revenue sources will be utilized.
When will PTX token holders get additional PUSD airdrops?
We have additional PUSD rewards that will be airdropped to PTX token holders planned for Q1-Q2 2023. These will be provided by a separate revenue stream. You can earn PUSD from our xShare NFTs or by staking your PTX tokens in The Vault.
What is the benefit of owning an xShare NFT?
xShare NFTs are revolutionary for passive income in DeFi. By utilizing revenue generated from within and from external sources, xShare NFTs are a system designed to provide passive income that will survive the test of time. This unique development has a reasonable cost to mint and provides yield in PUSD (an algorithmic token backed 100% by BUSD). xShares are an element of the protocol that is designed to appeal to a broader audience and to those who are actively engaged with the other elements of Protocol X.
What differentiates the new model from most other projects?
We dont collect a portion of the buy or sell fee to fund our treasury or marketing. All rewards are either being passed back to holders or burnt from the total supply.
How do I begin?
Getting involved in Protocol X is quite simple! Ensure you are connected to the Binance Smart Chain, our contract address on PancakeSwap/Bogged Finance, set your slippage to (6%) for buys and (10%) for sales to account for the buy/sale fees and the price impact of the DEX, and you are all set! From there, enter our dApp and stake your PTX tokens in The Vault, giving you a revenue share on token trading volume.
What if I have more questions?
We have an active Discord server you can join where we answer questions, interact with the community and do weekly AMAs. You can find the link at the bottom of the webpage along with our Telegram and Twitter account

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